Wednesday, February 5, 2014

exclamation mark

Exclamation mark
Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Illustrator:  Tim Lichtenheld
Published 2013
This book is about the exclamation mark.  The exclamation mark feels left out and different from the punctuation it knows, the period.  No matter how hard the exclamation mark tries, it doesn't fit in.  The exclamation mark finds this upsetting until one day he meets the question mark.  The question asks question after question and forces the exclamation mark to yell, "STOP!"  This is when the exclamation mark realizes how good it feels to be himself.  He keeps practicing exclaiming and realizes that it just feels right.  "It was like he broke free from a life sentence."  I loved that sentence from the book!  He then realized that when he was himself others accepted him, even if he was different.

The pages in the book look like handwriting paper.  The pictures and the pages are simple.  There is only punctuation.  This book is very simple and I think, that for that reason, children can understand what is taught.  We should accept ourselves and others as we are.

This book can be used to teach the lesson mentioned above, but it can also be used to teach punctuation.  The exclamation mark, when it finally speaks, only exclaims.  The question mark asks endless questions and the periods on make statements.  This is an easy book to read and can be enjoyed by all ages, even the very young elementary student.

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