Friday, January 24, 2014

The Giver (Conversations with my son)

Here are some questions from my son.  I could answer some and some I could not.

Questions I could not answer.  Can you?
1.  Why can some rules be broken (like riding a bike before you are supposed to)?  Isn't that choice?
2.  What really happened to Caleb?  How could he actually drown if Jonas is seen "hoarding" an apple, wouldn't someone notice Caleb going to the water?
3.  If Jonas's dad does not love Gabe, why does he save him from release at first?
3.  Who are the birthfathers?  Do you think The Giver is Jonas's real father?

Questions I think I could answer.  What do you think?
1.  What is the difference between being smart and having wisdom?
My answer:  smart is intelligence, wisdom is having the ability to analyze and apply experience
2.   Aren't lies and rudeness okay sometimes?  Like, when you made that tuna that was gross?
My answer:  yes  :-)

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